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7 members of the Twisting Ducks theatre company for people with Autism and disabilities.


Over the last 12 years, The Twisting Ducks have built a community in the North East for people with learning disabilities and autism to explore and celebrate their creative talents, and to develop art that represents their lived experiences.

Twisting Ducks projects projects have led to increased well-being for individuals who take part and a stronger collective voice through the production of theatre  that raises awareness about important disability issues and that promotes equality and inclusion for all.

The Twisting Ducks Theatre Company was developed by a group of adults with learning disabilities who shared a passion for performing and a desire to create original work that was representative of their lives and the issues most important to them

The Twisting Ducks Academy for performing arts takes place twice weekly at Theatre Royal.

For more information and to join the Academy, visit the Twisting Ducks website.

In 2018 Project A began a relationship with Skara Skolscen, an independent actor training programme based in Skara, in South West Sweden. With a three-semester accelerated course which prepares young actors for the demands of the professional industry, it is a similar provision to Project A. Each year, we engage in an exchange of students and best rehearsal room technique, contemporary practice and share developing work with Skara School. The partnership provides an invaluable experience and excellent cultural exchange for all students and staff, both in Newcastle and Sweden.

The Children’s Theatre Partnership (CTP) was established in 2010 to produce and tour bold, ambitious and imaginative theatre for young people. The aim is to excite and engage new and diverse audiences, often introducing them to the theatre for the first time, bringing communities to their local theatres, inspiring a life-long love of theatre and supporting the UK’s most talented artists.

Newcastle Theatre Royal are a host venue of the CTPs work and we recently began working on a 3 year Education and Outreach programme  with CTP. Blackpool Grand lead on the work and have since helped to embed Story Led Resilience practices into our work and that of the other project partners; The Marlowe Canterbury, The Belgrade Coventry and Theatre Royal Norwich.