The Course

A Brief Overview

Project A is a full time actor training programme led by our Artistic Director and supported by leading industry specialists. Delivered over 3 terms, our students work from 25 - 45 hours per week in a safe and nurturing environment. 
Term 1
The first term allows our students to develop performance skills in relation to character creation through the study, development and performance of contemporary and classical text. Vocal and physical exercises are an integral part of each day, allowing our students to develop their understanding of voice and movement. There are 3 performance opportunities during this term and it is delivered in 8 distinct units of study.  

UNIT 1 - Introduction & ensemble building

UNIT 2 - Character from Text

UNIT 3 - Character Observation, Imagination and Recall

UNIT 4 - Contemporary Text

UNIT 5 - Introduction to Shakespearean & Classical Text

UNIT 6 - Stage Combat

UNIT 7 - Contact Improvisation, Movement Language & Physical Theatre

UNIT 8 - Evaluation Week

Term 2

Our second term is delivered by our team of associate specialists who work with our students on intensive residencies. The following units of study being explored:

Business Week
Unlocking Shakespeare
Meisner Technique
Acting for Screen 
Professional Development
Skara Scolscen exchange visit
Evaluation Week
Term 3

Our final term is our production term. Before an intensive rehearsal process, ensemble building is further developed alongside an additional business week.

A text (or texts) will be selected by the Artistic Director for our students to perform. An artistic team consisting of Producer, Stage Manager, Light Designer, Sound Designer, Set Designer, Costume Designer and Photographer work with our students to produce a professional standard piece (or pieces) of full length theatre for public performance following the rigorous rehearsal and development period.

In 2016 our students performed Mike Bartlett's 13
In 2017 our students performed Jim Cartwright's Road
In 2018 our students performed Simon Stephens' Herons & Bluebird
In 2019 our students performed Bertolt Brecht's Fear and Misery of the Third Reich