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The Course

The course is delivered with 4 key principles in mind; Learn, Develop, Make and Launch. Each principle is explored throughout the year, culminating in a season in rep, Create,  featuring self devised or response work in collaboration with visiting artists  as well as director led work from text. There are regular performance opportunities prior to the rep season, as well as the informal sharing of work at the end of each specialist study block, with 3 performances during Block 1.

What we Deliver

  • Theory and technique
  • Deconstructing Text
  • Character Observation
  • Imagination and Recall
  • Vocal Technique
  • Contemporary Text
  • Shakespeare & Classical text
  • Physical Theatre
  • Stage Combat (unarmed)
  • Improvisation
  • Making Theatre
  • Dance & Movement
  • Singing for the Actor
  • Acting for Screen
  • Mask & Commedia
  • Working in an Ensemble
  • Contact Improvisation & Movement
  • Contemporary performance
  • Choreographed Movement
  • Physical Theatre
  • Clowning & Mask work
  • Classical performance
  • Vocal showcase
  • Screen performance
  • Long Form Improvisation
  • Create season in rep
  • Self taping
  • Head shots
  • Professional Development
  • Actor as a business
  • Audition technique & preparation
  • Making connections
  • Equity
  • Spotlight
  • Navigating the industry

Our Facilities

Training takes places within Newcastle Theatre Royal in our Rehearsal Room, Studio or on Floor 4, the dedicated Project A development space, with access to our main stage throughout the year.

The Newcastle Theatre Royal rehearsal room, with a spiral staircase, mezzanine level, mirrored walls and ballet bars.

Rehearsal Room

The Studio Theatre is a smaller performance space within Newcastle Theatre Royal, with a full LED lighting rig.


A full costume rail, some set boxes and some props laid out for use on the Floor 4 rehearsal room.

Floor 4

A Project A student stands on an empty stage looking into the Theatre Royal auditorium.

Main House