Our Students

Each year we offer places to only the very best candidates. We offer places to those who demonstrate a commitment, passion and level of skill at audition which is complimented by the intensive and industry led approach we have to teaching.

What Our Students Say

I've loved my time at Project A. It's been eye-opening and has drilled into me the work ethic I need to succeed and how to balance everything. Working with Phil and practitioners has been a priceless experience and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to train at the Theatre Royal every day. I couldn't recommend Project A more especially after coming from a disappointing University experience. 
Ryan Nolan

Project A has been the ideal course for me at this stage in my career. This course focuses on various elements of acting, which is consistently developing my skills and preparing me for the industry. I am always learning new techniques in order to create my own process as an actor. I believe that the course is a professional and intensive course that is the perfect stepping stone into the industry. 
Judith Nelson

The intensive nature of the acting course has established a keen work ethic in all participants, and has provided us with a key insight into the rigour of the profession in regards to both rehearsal room practice and performance. As part of our training we have been given various opportunities to work with leading industry professionals from all over the country and gained experiences that have informed my professional development beyond what I could have ever imagined. I feel I have benefited from our small class size of fourteen, which has allowed for personalised constructive feedback and individual progression. Throughout my time here I have been pushed and challenged in so many different ways, and come home every day feeling immensely fulfilled. Project A has equipped me with the highly professional standard of training required to succeed in the acting industry and sharpened my skills set, whilst also providing the encouragement and support of an educational programme. I know I will look back on my time here fondly, and hope Project A will be the starting point for many great things in the future.
Charlotte Ryder


Our Recent Graduates

In 2020, 15 students graduated from the course:

Sophie Bryant
Joshua Simpson
Emily Corless
Thomas Charlton
Grace Pepper
Ellen Short
Hannah Davison
Jack Young
Scott Campbell
Iona Moss
Melissa Palmer
Hannah Small
Laura Lennon
Anna Duffell
Alexander Robinson

In 2019, 17 students graduated from the course:

Roslyn Box
Amy Jessica Clark
Martine Maria Vrieling van Tuijl
Sol Taibi
Alexander Cowan
Luke Hammond
Amelia Hackett
Amber Beaty
Ben Gettins
Hannah Dodd
Stavros Gidopoulos
Jamie Doncaster
Henry Taylor
Jared More
Robbie Smith
Sarah Jane Bulmer
Travis Phillips