About Project A

Project A is a one year actor training programme led by an artistic director and supported by leading industry specialists. Delivered from within Newcastle Theatre Royal over 3 terms, participants gain professional standard actor training culminating in a full scale production term.

Each year we accept up to 18 students between the ages of 18 & 25. We think that in keeping our intake small we can dedicate the time and support required to get the best out of all of our students. We work intensively over one year to deliver a level of work akin to repertory level training with a focus on ensemble work and performance.

As one of the most notoriously difficult industries to build a career in, we believe that sometimes true talent is overlooked or denied due to finances and location. We provide a high quality actor training programme which is accessible and affordable in one of the UK’s most affordable and culturally vibrant cities.

We welcome applications from those who live outside the North East of England. Thanks to the generous support of our funders and our board we are able to provide access to Project A at a significantly subsidised cost, helping to remove one of the principle barriers in seeking professional actor training. However, we appreciate that for some young people our fees may still be too high. For this reason we have set up a bursary fund for applicants who permanently reside in the region. Full and partial bursary places are available. To apply for one of our bursary places, please complete the Bursary Application Form and submit this along with you Project A application.

The facilities and resources we provide our students are unrivalled by any other training provider. With access to our main house auditorium, visiting professionals, studio theatre, rehearsal room and dedicated Project A training space, we provide a training opportunity set within the heart of the industry. Working from within a busy working theatre every day is an experience unrivalled by other institutions.

We engage top industry professionals, renowned regionally, nationally and internationally to work with our students for intensive weeks during our second term and for masterclass sessions during term one. Our third term is dedicated to producing a full-scale piece of theatre and we aim to deliver fresh and thought provoking work to our audiences.

Our Mission

To deliver high quality, relevant and affordable actor training

To provide a level of training that fully equips actors for the industry

To help facilitate offers of professional opportunities and representation to our students upon graduation
To deliver fresh, thought provoking and challenging work to audiences
To continue to develop, help and prepare young people, making them industry ready

Key Features

25 - 40 hours of contact time during Term 1
38 - 40 hours of contact time during Term 2
30 - 45 hours of contact time during Term 3

“In order to truly understand something you must immerse yourself in it completely. You must experience the culture and explore it’s facets before you can fully understand it. We believe that in providing an ensemble focussed actor training programme with regular opportunities to perform, we fully equip young actors to enter into the industry prepared and able. We believe that an aspiring young actor’s ability to reach their full potential should not be dictated by their, or their parents, ability to afford it.”

Phil Hoffmann, Artistic Director of Project A