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King Lear - Young People's Shakespeare

Fri 21 Sep - Fri 21 Sep

King Lear

By William Shakespeare

Young People's Shakespeare, from the Royal Shakespeare Company

A royal family gather for Christmas. The father broadcasts his seasonal message: he’s giving up work and dividing his kingdom. With this misjudged act the natural order is upturned and the scene is set for a story of family break-up, homelessness and heartbreak.

In this new edited version, King Lear is brought vibrantly to life for schools, families and younger audiences. Stripped down to 75 minutes, the production is a thrilling and accessible introduction to one of the greatest plays ever written. The RSC return to the Theatre Royal with this Young People’s Shakespeare production following the success of YPS Hamlet in 2011.

Edited and Directed by Tim Crouch.

Theatre Royal: Fri 21 Sep only - 10am & 1pm
Acklam Grange School: Tue 18 Sept - 10am & 1pm, Wed 19 Sept - 1pm & 7pm
Archibald Primary School: Thu 20 Sept - 9.30am & 2pm

£10 Adult, £5 ages 25 and under
No Concessions.

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Running Time: 1hr 15 mins.

Please note that all ticket prices include a contribution to our heritage fund.

Paul Copley brings grandfatherly jollity to Lear at first which in this slick version dissipates at lightning speed. Almost all the language is Shakespeare’s and Copley, like the rest of the cast, makes every word sing out with great clarity so that no child can fail to understandThe Stage